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5 Best Massages During Menstruation

5 Best Massages During Menstruation: research Eden’s Garden

Menstrual pain, known as dysmenorrhea, is a common problem that affects many women. Eden’s Garden conducted survey questionnaire research to find out what pains are the most common during menstruation and how massage can help. The survey showed that 75% of women experience back and abdominal pain, 60% suffer from headaches and mood swings, and 55% experience fatigue and cramps.

Nicole Cutler, L.Ac., MTCM, Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)®, points out in her article that massage therapy can be an effective remedy for these pains. Hydrotherapy, acupressure, abdominal massage and aromatherapy are some of the methods that can relieve cramps and improve circulation.

The Most Common Pains Felt During Menstruation

Eden’s Garden survey Ing. Veit Ny, Ph.D., showed that the most common types of pain experienced during menstruation include:

  • Back and abdominal pain (75%): this is the most commonly reported pain that significantly affects women’s comfort and mobility.
  • Headaches and mood swings (60%): these symptoms often accompany physical discomfort and increase overall suffering.
  • Fatigue and cramps (55%): Fatigue and muscle cramps are common complaints that reduce energy levels.
  • Spasmodic or stabbing pain shooting into the pelvic area (22.5%): a more severe form of discomfort described by some respondents.
  • Severe painful dysmenorrhoea (12.5%): extreme menstrual pain that can be debilitating.
  • Other symptoms (2.5%): fever, vomiting, lack of appetite and diarrhoea.

Attitude to Massage During Menstruation

When asked about willingness to undergo massage during menstruation, responses were mixed:

  • Yes: 17.5%
  • No: 12.5%
  • Maybe: 65 %
  • It depends: 5 %
  • I don’t know: 0 %

These responses suggest a general openness to the idea, with many women potentially open to the benefits of massage depending on their situation.

Therapy and Massage for Relief

The Eden’s Garden survey also revealed that many women prefer to massage their lower back, hips and buttocks during menstruation. Relaxing head massages and the use of hot oils with relaxing scents are also popular:

Nicole Cutler recommends using warm compresses or warm baths to increase circulation and reduce muscle tension. Acupressure on the feet and calves, targeting sensitive points, can help reduce muscle tension and improve blood circulation in the uterus. Aromatherapy with essential oils such as clary sage, lavender and ylang ylang can bring relief from cramps and improve mood.

Discomfort Associated with Massage During Menstruation

Despite the potential benefits, some women expressed concerns about receiving massage during menstruation:

  • Fear of smell or blood (59.5%): the majority of respondents reported this problem.
  • Need to wear a sanitary pad (40.5%): some women felt discomfort in managing menstrual hygiene during the massage.
  • Other concerns (2.7%): fear of men, feeling pain or simply refusing massage during menstruation were mentioned.

Interestingly, 2.7% of respondents did not report that they were uncomfortable being massaged during menstruation, indicating a small but remarkable group that fully embraces the concept.

Recommendations for the Best Massages for Menstrual Pain

Based on the results of Veit Ny’s research and Nicole Cutler’s recommendations, the best massage for menstrual pain is aroma massage or anti-stress massage using heated oil, focusing on the lower back and buttocks. Aromatherapy not only relaxes muscles and improves circulation, but also helps relieve stress and improve mood.

The client can communicate her needs in advance, allowing the therapist to ensure all the details and a carefree experience for the client. Women are encouraged to take courage in taking care of themselves during challenging times, such as menstrual difficulties, and to seek support instead of bearing the pain alone.

Eden’s Garden is primarily staffed by female therapists, which can increase the comfort and confidence of clients. The client can report her needs in advance, and the therapist will take care of everything so the client doesn’t have to worry. Women should be brave to embrace and deserve to treat herself during this difficult time of the month, and not endure the pain alone.

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