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Enjoy perfect relaxation in Eden’s Garden salons. Our therapists are thoroughly trained in all the types of massages and treatments we offer and will help you relax not only your body, but most importantly, refresh your mind. This makes our massages ideal for reducing your daily stress and fatigue levels. We are not a massage factory. On the contrary, you will experience a pro-customer approach with us, whether you visit us just once during a tourist visit to Prague or you are a regular customer. We will be happy if you come back to us every day or even once a year. Choose from our range of massage treatments from all over the world and let yourself be pampered.

Massage for two person

60 min | price 2198 CZK

A couple massage can be a unique gift for any occasion. Enjoy the warm feeling… MORE INFO ›

We recommend

Filipino massage

60–120 min | price from 1199 CZK

Filipino massage is our hallmark, upon which we base ourselves. It relaxes the muscles… MORE INFO ›

Deep tissue massage

60–120 min | price from 1199 CZK

Deep or sports massage relaxes muscles, relieves pain and increases their mobility… MORE INFO ›

Relaxation massage

60–120 min | price from 1099 CZK

This massage is a powerful healing and anti-stress agent that promotes the reduction of… MORE INFO ›

Aroma massage

60–120 min | price from 1150 CZK

Aromatherapy at Eden’s Garden consists of combining the gentle touches of a relaxing massage with the use of… MORE INFO ›

Thai oil massage

60–120 min | price from 1099 CZK

A combination of relaxation and traditional Thai massage for relief from pain and tension. This massage is perfect… MORE INFO ›

Traditional Thai massage

60–120 min | price from 1099 CZK

Thai massage is a way of peace and harmony that combines yoga and massage… MORE INFO ›

Lomi Lomi massage

60–120 min | price from 1100 CZK

Using smooth, rhythmic movements and intense pressure, we release tension and support… MORE INFO ›

Massage with lava stones

60–120 min | price from 1250 CZK

Relax your muscles and stress with a lava stone massage at Eden’s Garden. Hot lava stones… MORE INFO ›

Royal massage

60–120 min | price from 1250 CZK

If you feel like everything hurts, you’re overworked and out of energy and you want a good massage… MORE INFO ›

Four Hands Massage

60–120 min | price from 1999 CZK

Special massage – two therapists, perfect relaxation. We offer you the opportunity to choose… MORE INFO ›


Pregnancy massage

60–120 min | price from 999 CZK

At Eden’s Garden, we offer a pregnancy massage tailored to your needs… MORE INFO ›

Massage Therapy for Children

60–90 min | price from 999 CZK

This massage is designed for children from 5 to 10 years old. Professional care for you and your child… MORE INFO ›

Foot massage

30–120 min | price from 549 CZK

Rebalance your whole body with our professional reflexology foot massage at Eden’s Garden… MORE INFO ›

Back massage

30–120 min | price from 549 CZK

At Eden’s Garden, we offer a back and neck massage aimed at relieving pain, improving mobility… MORE INFO ›


Treat yourself to relaxation with our massages, which we have selected for you based on our experience.

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