Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage

We all know how difficult it can be for expectant moms. That is why we have prepared this relaxing and pampering therapy to ease this discomfort.

This massage has been tailored to the needs of pregnant women to improve circulation system and relieve muscle pain, especially in the back area. The aim of this massage is to induce relaxation and subsequently a restful sleep for both mother and baby.

The pregnancy massage at Eden's Garden is performed with gentle strokes similar to a relaxing oil massage and can be done at any time during the pregnancy, however, is not recommended in the first trimester as there is a risk of miscarriage during this period.

Taking care of yourself and your foetus is essential during the pregnancy. This massage will be a great addition to your daily care. It will help relieve stress and increase the overall well-being for both of you. During the massage, we will provide you with a bolster and comfortable pillow to help support your body. 

There are no risks associated with pregnancy massage. For the safety reasons, certain areas on the body are avoided during the massage, and therefore the massage is considered effective and safe until the day of the delivery. Many women have already confirmed to us at the Eden's Garden that regular massage during labour has helped them :)

Therefore, it would be beneficial for expectant mothers to include regular massage in their regime. Pregnant women's bodies undergo quite fundamental changes, and this non-invasive and gentle therapy focuses primarily on their special needs.

We will provide you with a pleasant time and help supporting you until the time of delivery, which will also bring you all the emotional support you need. Turn the anxiety of anticipation into a pleasant moment with this amazing massage treatment.

60 min999,-Kč
90 min1499,-Kč
120 min1999,-Kč


  • You are welcome to keep your underwear, but we can’t guarantee that it won’t become soiled.
  • You can ask for the disposable underwear.
  • Ladies, for comfort, we recommend removing your bra.
  • When you are ready for the massage, to begin, you will place your chest on the massage table. and wait for the massage therapist.

General information

  • Ideally, do not eat for at least an hour before the massage.
  • This massage can be used in all Edens Garden branches.
  • Recommended repetition once a week

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