Swedish massage

Relaxační olejová masáž neboli Švédská masáž

This is a very popular massage. It can be very gentle, relaxing, soothing and on the other hand intense, stimulating, invigorating, but both are in a good way for our body.

Relaxing oil massage is a powerful healing and anti-stress remedy that reduces muscle tension and stress. It improves overall physical and mind well-being and is suitable for all age groups.

During a relaxing oil massage at Eden's Garden, the therapist will massage the skin with massage oil and perform several actions to warm up and exercise the muscle tissues. This will help releasing the accumulated tension and break up the muscle "knots" or adhesions called fibrous adhesions.

The therapist who performs a relaxing oil massage will help increasing blood circulation without putting any strain on the heart. It will help stretching the ligaments, tendons and collagen fibres to make them supple and flexible. Relaxation oil massage induces relaxation, eases muscle tension, and thus brings many health benefits.

60 min1099,-Kč
90 min1599,-Kč
120 min1999,-Kč


  • You can ask for the disposable underwear.
  • Ladies, for comfort, we recommend removing your bra.
  • When you are ready for the massage, to begin, you will place your chest on the massage table. and wait for the massage therapist.

General information

  • Choose the intensity of the massage at the reception and adjust it yourself during the massage by communicating with the masseuse.
  • Ideally, do not eat for at least an hour before the massage.
  • This massage can be used in all Edens Garden branches.
  • Recommended repetition 1x per week.

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