Deep tissue massage - sport massage

Deep tissue massage - sport massage

During deep tissue or sports massage, more pressure is exerted on the individual tissue layers. Massage is more intense because the therapist focuses more force on the individual tissue layers, so the movements are slower, allowing the therapist to penetrate both the outer layers of tissue and reach deeper layers of muscle and muscle fibers.

Deep tissue massage is very useful for athletes whose muscles are exposed to an extreme tension and training injuries. The massage will relax the muscles, relieve pain and improve their mobility. All of these benefits are beneficial for athletes. However, you don't have to be an athlete to book this massage at Eden's Garden.

60 min1199,-Kč
90 min1699,-Kč
120 min2199,-Kč


  • You can ask for the disposable underwear.
  • Ladies, for comfort, we recommend removing your bra.
  • When you are ready for the massage, to begin, you will place your chest on the massage table. and wait for the massage therapist.

General information

  • Choose the intensity of the massage at the reception and adjust it yourself during the massage by communicating with the masseuse.
  • Ideally, do not eat for at least an hour before the massage.
  • This massage can be used in all Edens Garden branches.
  • Recommended repetition once a week

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