Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy at Eden's Garden combines the gentle touches of a relaxing massage using essential oils to help you relax perfectly.

Aromatherapy is a process using natural oils that are extracted from the flowers, barks, stems, leaves and roots of a wide variety of herbal plants. These aromatherapy oils are used to improve physical and mental health. Moreover, inhaling the scent from essential oils is believed to stimulate brain functions to a great extent. During the aroma massage, the oils diffuse into the skin and then move through the bloodstream, promoting overall healing of the body.

Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine that is becoming increasingly popular and widespread. Today, essential oils are used for various purposes, such as pain relief, mood enhancement and cognitive support.

There are many essential oils available, each with their own healing properties.

60 min1150,-Kč
90 min1599,-Kč
120 min1999,-Kč


  • You can ask for the disposable underwear.
  • Ladies, for comfort, we recommend removing your bra.
  • When you are ready for the massage, to begin, you will place your chest on the massage table. and wait for the massage therapist.

General information

  • Choose the intensity of the massage at the reception and adjust it yourself during the massage by communicating with the masseuse.
  • Ideally, do not eat for at least an hour before the massage.
  • This massage can be used in all Edens Garden branches.
  • Recommended repetition 1x per week.

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